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Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi left the court with thanks

 Supreme Court Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi stayed on the court room for only five minutes on his last day at work and after issuing a simultaneous notice on all the issues involved, he said thanks and went on.

Under the old tradition, today's bench along with Justice Gogoi also included the next Chief Justice of the country, SA Boda. Today, there were only 10 cases before both judges. Justice Gogoi led the bench for the last time and said that there would be no mansion today. He issued notices for all ten cases simultaneously and walked away from the seat, thanking them.

Earlier, President of the Supreme Court Bar Association Rakesh Khanna thanked him and congratulated him for the future and said that he has always worked for the institution and the bar. Justice Gogoi also thanked him.

Justice Gogoi is retiring from the job on November 17, because he has a court leave on Saturday and Sunday, so today is his last day in court.

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