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The plane reached the parking lot as well as the sleeping lady, when she got up, it was dark.

There was a strange incident with a woman in Canada's flight. He slept in the flight and when he got up, the plane landed and went to the parking lot. Clearly the plane crew did not see him and left him. This incident took place earlier this month when Tiffany Adams was going to Toronto Pearson International Airport from Quebec. His story is shared by a friend on the Air Canada Facebook page. After this, all the reactions of people are coming. According to the post, Adam lost sleep in the flight, and when his sleep was open, the dip around was dark. 

The plane reached the parking lot as well as the sleeping lady, when she got up, it was dark.
Adams felt that he was having a bad nightmare. They got nervous and they called their friend but soon their phone was cut because the battery of the phone was over. He tried to charge his phone by putting his phone in all the USB ports of the flight but the flight did not have electricity. 
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Adam went on a cockpit to find a flashlight and somehow he opened a door to the flight. But its height was about 50 feet from the ground so they could not get down. After this he tried to take the attention of the luggage cart driver by lighting torch. When the driver saw legs hanging on the plane door, he reached them. After this, they were lowered in some way. 
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However Air Canada has apologized for the incident. Adams said that he had not slept for a long time. Air Canada told CTV News that he is investigating the matter but has not provided any other information. 

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