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The luxurious house that was bought online for 6 lakh rupees

South Florida: 
Who will not be happy if you find a luxurious house in cheap prices. One such person bought a luxurious house, but online. Actually, online a villa auction was going on. In that photograph the house was shown very plush. So this person also thought that he should also put money in it because it was really brilliant in seeing the villa. Luckily he acquired this house in this auction. After purchasing the house, there was no room for the happiness of this person.


Gorgeous Villa Online
But as soon as he came to see this property, his senses got swollen. This person bought a villa in South Florida online for Rs 6.3 lakh, the actual price was approximately 14.3 million, but in the auction this house was found only in 6.3 lakhs. But as soon as he reached the villa, he came to know that at this price he got a foot strip of 1 foot wide and 100 feet long. 
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According to sun-sentinel , the name of this bandwoman, Karvil Holaceus, was only this grassy bar, which was attached to the house behind it. The company, which was conducting online auction, kept a photograph of this band with a house in the auction, due to which the person felt that he was getting this house in 6.3 lakhs. 

Holace was accused of putting inaccurate information on the auction website. He also said to return the money of this person. But this website refused to return the money.
Now this person will have to resort to the court to get his money back. 


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