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In the last 76 years, these two places of earth are the hottest, know how much temperature

new Delhi: 
After years of testing, the World Meteorological Organization has announced two hot spots on Earth. The World Meteorological Organization said that one of these two places of scorching heat is from the Middle East and the other from South Asia. The Meteorological Organization said that one country is Kuwait and the other is Pakistan where the highest temperature has been recorded.

In the last 76 years, these two places of earth are the hottest, know how much temperature
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According to the Washington Post , the temperature was recorded at 53.9 degree Celsius on July 21, 2016 in Mitraibah, Kuwait, and 53.7 degree Celsius was recorded on May 28, 2017 in Pakistan's turf. The World Meteorological Organization said in a statement that the temperature recorded in Mitraibah of Kuwait is accepted by the WMO as the highest temperature recorded for the Asia-Continental region. Both of these places are ranked third and fourth on the peak of the temperature recognized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). These are the most considered temperature in the last 76 years.
Due to the fierce heat, the country's largest reservoir, the center has issued advances to the states
In the list of World Meteorological Organization (WMO), 54.0 ° C recorded on 30 June 2013 in the Fresh Creek of Death Valley, California, which is the highest global temperature, is not included. 
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Let's say that this location of California was even more hot in 1913, when the temperature had reached 56.7 degree Celsius. This temperature is recognized as the hottest place on earth. However, some experts question its legitimacy. It was recently described in an analysis as being 'not necessarily possible' from the point of view of weather.

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